Eli Lilly and Company has now announced as of March 4, 2019 that the company will now be coming out with an authorized generic version of Humalog, available in pharmacies at a 50% lower list price.

Insulin Lispro -named after the same molecule as Humalog – will be available in vial form and pen option. List price for a single vial is $137.35 while a box of 5 KwikPens comes in at $265.20. Noted in the full Lilly article – you can read it at the link below-  it is stated that regular Humalog will still be an option for those who wish.

Lilly’s chairman and chief executive officer says that 

“ While this change is a step in the right direction, all of us in the health care community must do more to fix the problem of high out of pocket cost for Americans living with chronic conditions.“

We agree that this is a step in the right direction for everyone in the diabetes community. While this does sound good for current change, many more people need help with affordable insulin and hopefully this gets the ball rolling for many more to follow suit with low cost options.

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Source : Eli Lilly and Company

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