Family Support

DCAF – Diabetes in Children and Families Support Group


Diabetic Children and Family Support Group and Reno Family Support Group-  are  special and supportive environment for parents and children to learn about diabetes management. Features include: guest speakers, youth activities, special events and parties. DCAF Connections has helped ease the pain and frustration of newly diagnosed families and veteran families as well. This group has created a forum for those affect by diabetes to come and share thoughts, ideas and ease suffering.

Las Vegas meets quarterly at the Nevada Diabetes Association Southern Office in Las Vegas, Nv at 6:00 – 7:00pm. *Location may vary by event*

Reno Family Support Group

Reno Family Support

The Reno Family Support Group is a special and supportive environment for parents, caregivers, and children to learn about diabetes management. Some features include: guest speakers, activities, special events, and parties! Family support helps ease the pain and frustration of newly diagnosed families and helps aid in continuing education for those with established diabetes. This group has created a forum for those affected by diabetes to share thoughts, ideas, and help alleviate suffering. Meetings are held quarterly at the Nevada Diabetes Association Executive Office in Reno, NV from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. * Location may vary by event*

Teen Support

Injection Connection – Overview

Injection Connection events are teen specific gatherings for teens living with diabetes and their non-diabetic friends. IC events include a night of fun (sports events, recreational activities, etc) and education to help them with issues they face with diabetes at their age. Thanks to our wonderful diabetes educators we offer some amazing education sessions with topics that include How to deal with issues with a school nurse, the different pharmaceutical companies and products available, how to best protect yourself in the emergency room, and with the non-diabetic teens, we had an opportunity to teach them how to be a great support system for their friend or family member. At the events, the campers participated in numerous activities such as bowling, 9-square, movies, games within the dinosaur exhibit and much more. The teen years are the hardest and camp helps the diabetic teens get through it but unfortunately camp is only a few times a year. These Injection Connection  programs are geared to help bridge the gap in-between camps and continue to help these teens with diabetes succeed and maintain a healthy lifestyle all year long. Allowing the teens to bring a non-diabetic friend to these events gives them the opportunity to educate and build a greater support system for themselves outside of the camp community.

Injection Connections Click Here :  calendar.


Young Adult Support

DKA- Diabetics Kinda Adulting

If you are 18+ and out of high school. Get together with other young adults living with diabetes. Camp fam and other support partners without T1D are always welcome! Events and Times are all located on calendar.

Las Vegas Young Adult Meetups

Events and Times are all located on calendar.

Reno Young Adult Meetups

Events and Times are all located on calendar.

Diabetes Specific Social Networking

GLU National Online Support Community

Glu is an active and diverse type 1 diabetes online community designed to accelerate research and amplify the collective voice of those living with T1D. Register Now. The Goals of GLU are to nationally: Support-Find and connect with others touched by T1D. Empower- Get involved as a citizen scientist to help accelerate research. Educate- Learn from discussions, articles, research, and from each other.

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