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Counselors work alongside  medical staff, programming staff and NDA-CDA staff members to care for the campers. In the course of a day, counselors will supervise CGMs, blood glucose test, and provide treatment for low blood glucose readings. Counselors live alongside campers during the duration of each camp session. Counselors gain valuable hands-on experience working both autonomously and with a supportive team and, most importantly, make a difference in the lives of children living with diabetes.



Medical staff members manage the diabetes needs of all campers as well as treat any illness, injury, or emergency that may arise along the way. Daily meetings with your fellow medical team members allow all staff members to be on the same page. 



Programming Staff often work behind the scenes pre camp and during camp sessions. Programming Staff  prepare and operate activities for our campers.  These selfless volunteers provide the support necessary for each camper to have an incredible experience at all NDA-CDA camp programs.

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