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*Please Note- New information will be updated on this page and the 2014 NDA Resource Directory with information on insurance and the Affordable Healthcare Act. Please come back and visit this page for updates.

*If you need information now about insurance and/ or the affordable healthcare act please contact Access to Healthcare Network (AHN) and they can help you navigate through. AHN has representative that can help you in both English and Spanish.

Access to Healthcare:Access to Healthcare Network 

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Under the New Health Reform act many people who could not get health insurance before because of a pre-existing condition are now eligible. Follow this link to find out about what is available in Nevada and other states.

THE CURRANT NEVADA LAW: NRS 689B.0357 required provision concerning coverage for management and treatment of diabetes.

1. No group policy of health insurance that provides coverage for hospital, medical or surgical expenses may be delivered or issued for delivery in this state unless the policy includes coverage for the management and treatment of diabetes, including, without limitation, coverage for the self-management of diabetes.

2. An insurer who delivers or issues for delivery a policy specified in subsection 1:

(a) Shall include in the disclosure required pursuant to NRS 689B.027 notice to each policyholder and subscriber under the policy of the availability of the benefits required by this section.

(b) Shall provide the coverage required by this section subject to the same deductible, co-payment, coinsurance and other such conditions for coverage that are required under the policy.

3. A policy subject to the provisions of this chapter that is delivered, issued for delivery or renewed on or after January 1, 1998, has the legal effect of including the coverage required by this section, and any provision of the policy that conflicts with this section is void.

4. As used in this section:

(a) “Coverage for the management and treatment of diabetes” includes coverage for medication, equipment, supplies and appliances that are medically necessary for the treatment of diabetes.

(b) “Coverage for the self-management of diabetes” includes:

(1) The training and education provided to the employee or member of the insured group after he is initially diagnosed with diabetes which is medically necessary for the care and management of diabetes, including, without limitation, counseling in nutrition and the proper use of equipment and supplies for the treatment of diabetes;

(2) Training and education which is medically necessary as a result of a subsequent diagnosis that indicates a significant change in the symptoms or condition of the employee or member of the insured group

and which requires modification of his program of self-management of diabetes; and

(3) Training and education which is medically necessary because of the development of new techniques and treatment for diabetes.

(c) “Diabetes” includes type I, type II and gestational diabetes.

(Added to NRS by 1997, 743)

For more Information You can get a consumer guide to insurance for your state You can find out about your rights as a consumer in each state Try the Health Insurance Resource Center homepage The ADA has more information here. And if you’re interested in stopping all this insurance madness, contact the Universal Health Care Action Network. These insurances tips were provided by David Spero

If you have problems with your insurance company or have questions.

Governor’s Office for Consumer Health Assistance

Las Vegas & surrounding areas phone: (702) 486-3587

Toll Free Number: 1-888-333-1597

Fax (702) 486-3586


Insurance Division
Carson City (775) 687-4270
Las Vegas (702) 486-4009
Toll Free Number 1-888-333-1597

If You Have a Child And Do Not Have Health Insurance your Child May Qualify for:

Health Kids (Medicaid) (775) 687-4760
Nevada Check-Up (775) 687-4176 ex. 256

Children with Special Healthcare Needs 1-866-254-3964

The Governor’s Office for Consumer Health Assistance was established to provide a single point of contact for consumers and injured workers to assist them in understanding their rights and responsibilities under Nevada law and health care plans, including industrial insurance policies. The Office is dedicated to providing assistance through information, counseling, education, and advocacy.