Board Members

Dennis Huggins

Southern Board President
Southern Board Member
Bank of America
“Helping kids & teens navigate the complexities of diabetes to help them build confidence, and build a peer network so kids can help each other.”

Mike Smith

Execute Board President/Northern Board President
Northern Board Member
Reno Vulcanizing
Teaching awareness and support.”

Luis Cruz

Northern Board Vice President

Northern Board Member

“Working with Sarah G and the NDA team in Reno captured my heart and interest of the NDA. My dada suffered from diabetes so it close to my heart”


Ariana Caruso

Southern Nevada Secretary 

Southern Board Member

Hymanson & Hymanson Trial Attorneys

“The NDA is such an important orgainization that helps so many people in the community. It has always meant a lot to me and I want to help further the mission and get more involved.”


Margaret (Margi) Battin

Northern Board – Executive Board Secretary/ Medical Staffing Director
Northern Board Member
“Sending kids to camp, educating them, allowing them to form a family who understands what they are going through. Educating the community about diabetes. I feel like I have the great opportunity to give back to my community where my knowledge, skills and passion are highlighted and rewarded. I find working with diabetes fascinating, challenging as well as rewarding.”


Amanda Bean

Executive Board Treasurer/ Northern Board Treasurer

Northern Board
The Bean Mortgage Team powered by Barrett Financial Group
“It is very rewarding to see the impact that the NDA/ CDA is able to have on our community and how we help create awareness and opportunities for all affected with diabetes. “


Cathy Flynn

Executive Vice President/Southern Vice President 
“I believe in camping as an experience that is invaluable for children with diabetes. The ability to give my time, talent and treasure to an organization that I believe in along with an extension of my professional life and children with diabetes is my passion. “


Nicholas Moreno

Southern Board Member
Wynn Resorts


Ben Prohaska

Northern Board Member
DECON – Diabetes & Endocrine Center of Nevada
“Need to take care of patience with diabetes and prevention. I feel connected to the diabetes communtiy because I have the privledge of taking care of the patients with diabetes. NDA/ CDA gives a sense of community. “


Alan Sherman

Southern Board Member
Respiratory Therapist
“To assist in any possible way with children with T1D”


Rebecca Sweeney

Southern Board Member
The Dance Studio


Holly Parks

Southern Board Member

“Looking forward to furthering the NDA in S.NV “


Kevin Kolman

Southern Board Member

“As a father of someone dealing with Type 1 Diabetes, I have seen and dealt with first hand the struggles of getting treatment, medicine, supplies and counseling. I hope I would be able to alleviate the stress for other Families. “

     Jason Smith

                      Northern Board Member

Daniel Caruso M.D

Northern Board Member / NDA Medical Director

Carson Tahoe Medical Group

Emeritus Board

Angela Aguirre

Diana Pocapalia

Eric Herzberg

Jessica Longley

Lawrence Matheis

Ron Hoy

Marc Reynolds, MD

Bertha Mullins

2023 100% Giving Board

100% Giving Board