ViewsEMR – CampViews Electronic Medical Record System

ViewsEMR Authorized Dexcom Use

Views EMR x CampViews Overview

ViewsEMR – CampViews is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application that was developed to eliminate the use and waste of paper files while easing the work loads of diabetes camps, Pre, During and Post Camp.

ViewsEMR – CampViews is also an online registration system that takes the information taken in before camp and puts it into the EMR software for easy access at camp. The increased efficiency and seamless access to the medical data keeps all staff informed in real time.

ViewsEMR – CampViews software creates the safest environment for all campers, counselors and medical providers by giving you everything you need for a camp setting at your fingertips and the ability to view that information from anywhere.

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  • Easy Online Registration Process
  • Simple Check In – Check Out process
  • Schedule site changes
  • Digital Log Sheet
  • Daily Medication Module
  • Easy to navigate home screen
  • View multiple camp programs on dashboard
  • Real Time Dexcom Tracking
  • Individual Camper Profile

    • Allergies
    • Medications
    • Glucose data
    • Diet

 Proud Users 

Nevada-California Diabetes Association


Verein Fur Diabetiker – Austria

Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana 

Camp Hodia

Central Ohio Diabetes Association

Touched By Type 1

Montana Youth Diabetes Alliance

Diabetes Youth Services Ohio

Camp Surefire – Rhode Island

Camp Sweet Life Adventures

The Dexcom dashboard system on ViewsEMR – CampViews are only for secondary display of data from the Dexcom CGM system and are for monitoring purposes only.
The Dexcom dashboard system on ViewsEMR – CampViews is not intended to replace the Dexcom CGM System or replace self-monitoring practices as advised by a physician.
Dexcom G6 CGM System required for use in dashboard