Counselor In Training Program ( C.I.T )

The CIT program is a long-standing leadership program that runs at the same time as Camp Vegas, Family Camp, and Camp Buck. CITs are a small group of teens selected from a large pool of applicants. They are selected based on a rigorous process that includes an interview, volunteer hours, and letters of recommendation as well as for returning campers looking back on behavior patterns at camp over the prior couple of years. If your teen will be age 15 or older by the time camp starts, they can apply for a CIT position.

Join the C.I.T team today!

All aspiring C.I.Ts must:

  • Register for camp on CampViews
  • Submit CIT application form before the registration deadline
  • Volunteer: See More Info Below.

For inquiries, contact us at (800) 379 3839

If you wish to apply for the Counselor in Training C.I.T program Click Here to fill out your application.

If you wish to learn more about the C.I.T Program please contact the CIT Program Directors below or the camp director, Dakota directly.

CIT Program Email :

C.I.T Director(s) Contact Info :  Tandy Mcgee ( ) and Wes Fullmer ( 

VOLUNTEERING:  CITs must volunteer for at least two NDA events during the year to qualify for a CIT position.  Volunteering offers teens the opportunity to showcase their initiative, organizing skills, maturity, and teamwork.  There are many opportunities for volunteering, including helping at parent support groups and large-scale fundraisers.  CIT’s selected for the year must also participate in the Jail & Bail event, which is also open to applicants hoping to apply the following year.  Please visit the following Volunteer Signup page for your area:


RENO AREA:  Click Here