June 2020

2020 Pre-Order Camp Buck Exclusive Shirt.


The Nevada California Diabetes Association has a new limited edition shirt coming out for Camp Buck. Be the coolest kid at home with your exclusive NDA shirt. Only one chance to get this shirt, Once July 31st hits, you will never be able to get this shirt again. If you have a camper participating in [...]

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March 2020

Inaugural Diabetes Community Impact Award 2020 Finalist


This year the Nevada Diabetes Association wanted to give recognition to those in our Diabetes Community by giving out a Diabetes Community Impact Award. All finalist were voted for by the people they deal with everyday, the local community. Each of the three finalist contribute to the local diabetes community in astonishing ways and for [...]

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October 2019

Teen Camp 2019


Teen Camp 2019 has come and past just as the rest of the year has flown by.  Haunted Houses, Cakes on Counselors and of course a HUGE dance party. What more could a camper want?(besides a longer weekend). We cannot thank everyone from campers, medical staff, counselors and of course our camp sponsors enough for [...]

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Battle of the Rattle 2019


Battle of the Rattle 2019 has taken place. Runners have conquered the mountain and beat out the weather(literally it snowed later in the day). Thank you to all runners, volunteers and sponsors. who came out to make this event possible. We could not do this without all of you.  Below be sure to check out [...]

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July 2019

2019 Summerlin 4th of July Parade.


For the second year in a row the Nevada Diabetes Association had a float in the 25th  Annual Summerlin Patriotic Parade. A morning filled with festive giant balloons , themed floats from the Vegas Golden Knights, the Las Vegas Lights and other amazing local participants. Including yours truly, where we displayed our "Viva Diabetes" Vegas [...]

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June 2019

Driving Fore Diabetes 2019


  June 23rd, 2019 the NDA hosted its Annual Driving Fore Diabetes Charity Golf Tournament. A day filled with beautiful skies, no wind, and... A HOLE IN ONE. Thats right a hole in one, the first hole in one at an NDA golf tournament EVER. The day couldn't have been more exciting. With a fabulous [...]

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March 2019

Eli Lilly discloses pricing for Humalog.


Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, disclosed their profit margins on Humalog for the first time ever. Possibly hoping to silence the ever growing roar of people with the same belief.. insulin cost to much. The “net price ” patients actually pay for Humalog fell by 8.1 percent to $135 a patient per month in 2018 all the way [...]

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National Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month.


Another National Month and this one is important to all of us in the diabetes world..  March is National Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month. Did you know that a lot of the time autoimmune diseases go hand in hand. Being that Type One Diabetes is an autoimmune disorder according to a study, you or someone you [...]

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December 2018

2019 Camp Programs


The New Year is here and with it, all of our 2019 camp programs are open for registration. You can head over to www.campviews.com to completely register for every program we offer in the 2019 year. We hope you are as excited as we are and we hope that you will join us.

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