Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, disclosed their profit margins on Humalog for the first time ever. Possibly hoping to silence the ever growing roar of people with the same belief.. insulin cost to much.

The “net price ” patients actually pay for Humalog fell by 8.1 percent to $135 a patient per month in 2018 all the way from($12) to $147 in 2014, the company said in a shareholder report released Monday. The net price is the total paid after factoring in rebates and discounts. While the net price with all the discounts offered fell, insulin’s average list price before the discounts rose 51.9 percent to $594 per patient each month.

In a statement to CNBC, Eli lilly says “We believe that the additional information disclosed … will provide greater transparency into the significant rebates and discounts we provide to payers and other supply chain entities for this important medicine,”


Yes, now we know “some” insight, that is still beside the fact that the cost of insulin is still to high and seems to always be rising.





Source : CNBC