2021 Camp Mask Guidelines and Information

Camp is right around the corner and here is a breakdown for the 2021 Camp Buck Mask Guidelines. We are now a month away from Camp Buck 2021 (how exciting), yet I'm sure you're left with many questions on how camp will be this year. As we follow the CDC and ACA state and country guidelines for mask(s). The NDA-CDA medical committee has worked hard with having the health and well being of all campers, their families and our staff whenever we make any of our guidelines. The breakdown shows - Mask for campers who are vaccinated will not required in the following [...]

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A New Leash on T1D Life

If you missed our April 2021 Educational Series , you can watch the full video here.Presented on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021 at 6:00pm via Facebook Live with Stephanie Gerkin – Executive Director of Michael's Angel Paws “A New Leash on T1D Life” Educational Support Series.Join the Nevada Diabetes Association as we welcome Stephanie Gerken, the Executive Director of Michael’s Angel Paws, in an online LIVE interview. This is your perfect ‘op-PAW-tunity’ to learn about Diabetes Alert Dogs and how they may benefit your family. Learn all Stephanie has to share with us with this ‘PAW-some’ and ‘PUP-ular’ topic! Ask your questions live, as we [...]

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Zegalogue – New Emergency Glucagon Approved for Adults and Children in US

Zegalogue (also known as dasiglucagon injection) was recently approved by the FDA to treat severe hypoglycemia(low BG) in people with diabetes over the age of six. Zegalogue is made by Zealand Pharma, a biotechnology company founded in Denmark in 1998. The new emergency glucagon will be available starting in June as a pre-filled syringe or an auto-injector device. Clinical trials conducted, found that Zegalogue would raise glucose levels and resolve extreme hypoglycemia much faster than traditional glucagon. The data shows that taking Zegalogue (0.6 mg) during an extreme case of hypoglycemia would raise blood glucose levels by at least 20 mg/dl within an average [...]

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2021 Lake Tahoe Outdoor Hockey National Anthem

Did you happen to watch the Bridgestone NHL Outdoors series this past Saturday on the shores of Lake Tahoe featuring the Colorado Avalanche and the Las Vegas Golden Knights? Chances are if you did you saw the opening ceremony from Edgewood Tahoe featuring South Lake Tahoe locals! Yet something you may not know that there is a connection to the Nevada Diabetes Association and the singer of the National Anthem, Aurora Gooch and even the location of the match Aurora C. Gooch who was on the front lines of the pandemic, serving as a collection specialist for a Tahoe-based COVID testing [...]

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“On Your Own, But Not Alone”

If you missed our February 2021 Educational Series , you can watch the full video here. Presented on Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 at 6:00pm via Facebook Live with Sarah Clifford - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist "On Your Own, But Not Alone" Educational Support Series. A discussion focused on teens going through the pandemic with Karah Clifford, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Tuesday, February 9th, 2021, 6:00pm Your Teen’s lives have been turned upside down with recent events and adding diabetes management on top of everything else that’s going on in their minds must seem impossible to them. Karah will be answering [...]

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Controversial or Not – Super Bowl Ad

Nick Jonas shows off his Dexcom G6, a life-saving device for Type 1 diabetics who can afford it. COURTESY OF DEXCOM Dexcom makes a device widely used by those living day to day with diabetes. While no one can argue that bringing awareness to this disease is important. Then why are some people living with diabetes upset about a commercial that was released shortly after the end of the first quarter in the Super Bowl? In the commercial pop star and T1D Nick Jonas endorses a product called the Dexcom G6. A  small, wearable Continuous Glucose Monitoring system that sends [...]

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New 2021 Board Members

The Expansion of the Nevada Diabetes Association is ever changing and constantly growing. After a year of unknowns(2020 covid) we are happy to continue our growth with those who believe in the mission of the NDA. Officially in February 2021 we have added 4 new board members to our team. Two located in Southern Nevada and two in Northern Nevada. Below you will find a bio/credentials and photo for each new board member . Please give them a warm welcome and congratulations on doing the NDA Team.       [...]

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CampViews & Dexcom Research Study

65-OR: Remote Monitoring of CGM Data at Diabetes Camp Mitigates Hypoglycemia Day and Night Some diabetes camps require campers to relinquish diabetes technology upon arrival. We evaluated the acceptability of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) use and remote monitoring of CGM data at camp. Insulin-treated campers ages 7-18 years were enrolled at a week-long diabetes camp in the U.S. All campers performed regular fingerstick testing, which informed treatment decisions. Campers that monitored their glucose with fingerstick testing at home were fitted with blinded Dexcom CGM at camp. Campers that used Dexcom CGM Systems with the capacity to share data at home continued [...]

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Insulin Pricing in January 2021

You may have heard about the Presidential transition of Joe Biden and his administration placing a freeze on or reversed a previous Trump Administration Executive Order that lowered the price of insulin. During the Presidential era of Trump,  the former administration in December 2020,  issued a policy ruling stating that health centers that participate in the 340B program must pass on drug cost savings to the patients. The 340B program is a section of the Public Health Service Act. This program requires drug manufacturers to sell their products at cost to participating hospitals and clinics that serve uninsured and low-income patients. Through [...]

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