Friday. February 22, 2019 was our second adult night of the year through the NDA and we had it at the ever popular Axe Monkey !  With HUGE support from Tandem Diabetes we were able to host this event for 18+ Type One Diabetics in the area as well as bring in a celebrity.. Sierra Sandison. AKA Miss Idaho 2014 who wore her pump during the Miss America Competition.

The night was a ranging success with food provided and plenty of laughs shared among everyone in attendance.  We hope to continue to host these events for the public adult type one crowd and eventually expand into Northern Nevada.

Thank you to everyone who came out and a BIG  thank you to Tandem Diabetes Care and Sierra, we could not have done this all without their help !


Don’t take my word for it on how the night went. Check out some photos below and be on the lookout for our next Adult Night Event. Up Next on the chopping block as far as events is the Springtime Wine Carnival 2019 in Las Vegas, Nv.