It finally happened, yes we had an event in 2020 (first since February) !
What better event to have then have one where you run away from each other. Injection Connection was one of the best times we’ve had in a long time.
A group of 29 got together to take on the one and only Battle Blast Laser Tag Arena.
The joy on everyones face from teens to adults was matched by no one, this was well needed for everyone.
We could not have done this without the help of “Battle Blast Laser Tag” who opened early and let us have the place to ourselves ! “Jason’s Deli “ who donated water and the wonderful “Marsigliano’s Pizzeria & More “ who graciously donated all the food for this event !
Check out a few photo’s and the recap video from the event below. 
Next up is Camp Buck at Home. Are you signed up and ready?