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Nevada Diabetes Association Resource Directory:

2017 English Resource Directory- part 1
2017 English Resource Directory- part 2

2015-2016 Spanish Resource Directory

The resource is your complete guide to the Great Nevada Area Diabetes Services, Specialist, Clinics and Guides. Plus the Resource Directory is also a great tool to help you manage yourself (or your loved one’s)diabetes, what to ask you healthcare team, what standards in care should be done and how to navigate being diabetic with the new Healthcare Act (coming in the 2014 addition.)

Diabetes: What You Need to Know Presentation:

To Download: DIABETES- What You Need to Know

On-line Resources:

Nevada Diabetes Association Facebook Page- join the conversation, stay up to date and like us on Facebook: Click Here

California Diabetes Association Facebook Page- join the conversation, stay up to date and like us on Facebook- Click Here

GLU- Glu is an active and diverse type 1 diabetes online  community designed to accelerate research and amplify the collective voice of those living with T1D.  Click Here to learn more and join.

American Diabetes Association: Click Here

Nevada Diabetes Prevent and Control Program: Click Here

Food and Drug Administration- Diabetes: Click Here

Diabetes Education and Camping Association- Click Here

Other On-Link Quick Link Resources:

  • A1c Chart— Fun Blog Spot for people with diabetes. Features ideas and resources on healthy eating, good diabetes reads and much more
  • A Diabetes Website — A collaboration effort by three pioneers of diabetes resources and information on the net, Stephanie Schwartz, RN, MPH, CDE, William Quick, MD, FACP, FACE and David Mendoza
  • Diabetes Insipidus Foundation — Diabetes Insipidus is diabetes that is not widely diagnosed. It is not related to, but often mistaken for diabetes mellitus.
  • Diabetes Monitor — A very extensive site filled with excellent information and extensive links to other valuable sites.
  • Diabetes Net — Diabetes Shopping Mall and Information
  • dLife For Your Diabetes Life! online magazine, pod casts recipes and more
  • Feline Diabetes — A clearinghouse for information, questions, and links concerning diabetes in cats.
  • Diabetes in Dogs — The common form of diabetes in dogs is analogous to juvenile diabetes in people
  • DiabetesatWork — a place for businesses and managed care companies to assess the impact of diabetes in the workplace,
  • International Diabetes — Extensive Worldwide links to resources and research information.
  • Ivanhoe News Diabetes Channel — the latest medical reports on breakthroughs in diabetes, discussion rooms and much more!
  • Joslin Diabetes Center — Established in 1898, and affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Joslin leads the field in both basic and clinical research, and is devoted to educating both patients and professionals.
  • Mayo Clinic Easy to navigate with good information on the Types and Symptoms of diabetes as well as good management information.
  • Medicool
  • Merck Services Comprensive site for excellent information also see
  • Merck Engage 
  • David Mendosa Diabetes Resources — Excellent site with extensive links and information.

Government Resource Web Links:

Support Programs:

Click Here for Support Group Page

Camp Programs:

Click Here for Camp Programs Page

School Guidelines for Children with Diabetes:

*Coming Soon

Washoe County/ Renown- Getting Your Child to School: 

*Coming Soon

Washoe County Procedure Sheet for Students with Diabetes:

Click Here

Washoe County Guidelines for Children in School

School Guidelines for Children with Diabetes

Sick Day Management Tools:

IN CONTROL – MANAGING SICK DAYS FOR CHILDREN WITH DIABETES. by Sherrilyn Coffman, DNS, RN, Nevada State College , Henderson , NV is available as free Acrobat download

Other Helpful Organizations:

International Organization:

Diet and Nutrition Resources

  • Ask the Dietitian — Check out Joanne Larson’s Weight / Calorie Calculator!
  • Diabetic Gourmet Magazine — Good articles, recipes,and health information
  • About Diabetes — Information and Links to Carbohydrate Counting, Meal Planning, the Vegetarian Resource Group and many other useful sites
  • LowCarbEating-– Atkins Diet and Low Carb Diet recipes, information, support, products, and much more
  • The Glycemic Index — Not all carbohydrate foods are created equal, in fact they behave quite differently in our bodies. The glycemic index or GI describes this difference by ranking carbohydrates according to their effect on our blood glucose levels

Help with Medications:

  • RXHelp4NV — RxHelp4NV is a service available through a partnership with the Governor’s Office for Consumer Health Assistance, and America’s pharmaceutical companies, in order to improve health care access for the citizens of Nevada. Other states have similar programs.
  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance If you don’t have prescription coverage and can’t afford your medicines you can go online to this site or call 1-888-4PPA-NOW. 1-888-477-2669. More than 2500 brand-names and generic medicines are covered and are available Free or Nearly Free.
  • Together RX Access A Division of the Pharm programs Together RX Access offers a FREE Prescription Saving Card to people who do not qualify for the Partnership for Prescription Assistance Program. To get a card you can register online or call 1-800-250-2864. Mail in forms and Instant Access cards will also be available at our office.
  • RX Access4U  or Call 877-226 9050  to see if you qualify for assistance.  Charges a fee for service.  Tell them you are a member of the Nevada Diabetes Association to receive a discount

Help for People in Nevada without Health Insurance: 

If you do not have health insurance the following programs may be of help.

Information on Complications:

Information on Medications and Equipment:

  • Abbott Diagnostics Diabetes Now Blood Glucose Monitors to meet a wide variety of needs and lifestyle
  • Animas — Check out the feature of the new Animas Pump
  • Becton Dickinson — Manufacture of Insulin Syringes and other diabetes related products. Site includes extensive resources and information.
  • Deltec Cozmore Insulin Technology System combines insulin pump therapy, blood glucose monitoring, personalized insulin pump programming and data management.
  • Eli Lilly–Insulin
  • Lifescan — Blood Glucose Monitor Equipment. Site includes product information plus links
  • MiniMed — Information on insulin pumps for people with diabetes
  • Nova Care Your Diabetes World
  • Pump Wear Inc. Products for children and adults on the pump.
  • Tandem Diabetes– Insulin Pump Therapy

Other Diabetes Helpful Links