The Mission of the Nevada Diabetes Association and California Diabetes Association is to improve the lives of children and adults affected by diabetes through prevention, education and service. The goal of the NDA and CDA is to provide programming that will help avoid complications that this disease causes for children and adults. We offer diabetes education camping programs, diabetes support programs, diabetes seminars/ workshops, printed and electronic diabetes educational resources, emergency insulin and diabetes supply programming.

This is what you can make happen with a donation of $100 to $1,600:

$100 – Covers the registration fee for a camper


$250 – To help replenish our Arts and Crafts supplies at camp. Because Covid-19 much of our supplies had to be discarded. Therefore we need new supplies for this year.


$500 – Donate a square foot to our new Northern Nevada office. Our current office was built in 1800’s and is in desperate need of upgrades. Unfortunately it my be more expensive for the upgrades than to tear it down and rebuild. We would like to invite you to donate square footage at $500 per square foot.


$700 – Pays for half of a campers week adventure at Camp Buck.


$1,600 – Covers a full week adventure at Camp Buck