The California Diabetes Association

In 2012 the Diabetes Society in Santa Clara closed its doors. The Nevada Diabetes Association had a long standing partnership with the Diabetes Society as they administered all of the camp programs until 2007. With this hole for desperately needed diabetes camp programs, we formed the California Diabetes Association to help ease the burden. We were able to appeal and raise funds to keep these camps running with the assistance of former Santa Clara staff. We were pleased to find out that there was overwhelming support and the impact is crucial and led to our expansion.

With partnerships in several states, we are able to offer the community a place where children with diabetes are able to learn the most important life skills and take charge of their health. This allows everyone to become a part of a community and understand the complexities of this chronic condition.

We now offer several programs in California, and will continue the momentum with expansion in mental health support, Veteran’s affairs, technology advancements and beyond.